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Fully Automated Cutting and Machining Center for Profit!
  technical features  

● For high productivity and full automation.
● The system does cutting, routing , and all drilling-marking operations for PVC windows and doors manufacturing. All these processes are done inside this one machine and controlled automatically by SIEMENS computer system with an optimization program.
● Automatic barcode labeling which provides full integration with four corner welding and CNC corner cleaning machines.

● Stores 10 uncut profiles (6.5 m long each) in its cartridge system for automatic feeding.
● Automatically clamps the profiles horizontally and vertically and then feeds them to the machining center.

● Can cut at various miter angles (straight cuts and up to +/- 60 degree cuts).
● Performs automatic weep hole (drain slot) routing at 3 different locations.
● Drills triple handle holes and does copy routing.
● Performs up and down gasket cutting process in order to protect the gasket from the saw.
● Full integration with the window design program.
● Processing 500 different profile types.
● Transferring the scrap profiles to the collection container by the automatic conveyor system.
● Collection of the scrap profiles into the scrap container.
● Reduces the labor cost, increases productivity and profit.


Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Operating voltage

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase


60 Hz

60 Hz

Total power

11 Hp

8 kW


36 or 18 Amp

36 or 18 Amp

Machine height

98 inch

2500 mm

Machine width

295 inch

7500 mm

Machine length

610 inch

15500 mm

Machine weight



Air pressure

90 - 120 psi

6 - 8 bar

Air consumption



Max. Profile length

256 inch = 21.3 feet

6500 mm

Max. Profile cutting height

5.5 inch (6.5 inch optional)

140 mm (165 mm optional)

Min. Profile cutting length

15.75 inch

400 mm

Saw blade diameter

20 inch

500 mm




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