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Multi Tool Sash Assembly Station
  technical features  

● For efficient and quick assembly of single and double sided tilt and turn window sashes in various dimensions.
● Easy to learn, easy to operate.
● Automatic locking mechanism to hold the sash in place.

VD-804 Automatic screw fastening and feeding unit. Adjustable screw height.
MD-804 hinge hole milling device. Standard measuring process by special measurement tool.

PA-805 punching/cutting unit for automatic trimming single and double sash espagnollettes and scissors hinges according to sash dimensions.
FR-804 espagnollette channel and door lock hole milling device.
UD-804 triple drilling unit for locks and handles. Drills the profile with the reinforcement steel inside.
● Adjustable tilting angle for the table to increase the comfort when working.
● Shelves for storing sash hardware and accessories
● Easy on the workers, prevents fatigue and error, increases productivity.

  standard equipment  

● instruction manual.


Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Operating voltage

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase


60 Hz

60 Hz

Total power

5 Hp

3 kW


13 or 7 Amp

13 or 7 Amp

Machine height

81 inch

2050 mm

Machine width

73 inch

1850 mm

Machine length

134 inch

3400 mm

Machine weight

1155 lb

525 kg

Air pressure

90 - 120 psi

6 - 8 bar

Air consumption

0.4 cfm

10 lt/min

Min. Frame size

15.75 inch

400 mm

Max. Frame size

94.5 inch

2400 mm

Min. Profile height

1.6 inch

40 mm

Min. Profile width

1.6 inch

40 mm

Max. Profile width

4 inch

100 mm

Screw head diameter

0.2 - 0.4 inch

5-10 mm

Screw length

0.4 - 1.38 inch

10 - 35 mm

Screw outer thickness

0.0945 - 0.0984 inch

2.4 - 2.5 mm




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