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Portable Screwing Unit
  technical features  
  ● For efficient and easy way to screw reinforcement profiles to vinyl (PVC) window and door profiles.
● The screws picked automatically from the feeding bowl and tightened by pulling the trigger.
● Screwing cycle time is reduced upto 40% by this machine.
● Ergonomic design allow the handle to be used in any position.
● Compact air motor with 5.1Nm torque power
● Torque power can be adjusted by a knob to use with wood, steel, and vinyl.
● Can drill and screw into 2 mm thick steel profiles with the correct type screw.
● 3/9 screws upto 25 mm long can be automatically fed by the feeding unit.
● 3/9 screws upto 35 mm long can be hand-fed by a funnel piece.
  standard equipment  
  ● The unit itself.
● Safety & instruction manual.
  optional equipment  
  ● Spare screw bars.  

Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Air pressure

90-120 psi

6-8 bar

Air consumption

18 cfm

500 Lt/min

Feeding bowl height

18.1 inch

460 mm

Feeding bowl length

24 inch

600 mm

Feeding bowl width

17 inch

430 mm

Feeding bowl weight

75 lb

34 kg

Screwdriver gun length

14.6 inch

370 mm

Screwdriver gun weight

3.52 lb

1.6 kg




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