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Fully Automatic CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
( 4 axes, 4 servo motors )
  technical features  
  For cleaning the corners on vinyl (PVC) profiles.
Cleans lower, upper and outer corner surfaces.
Fully automatic system run by SIEMENS CNC control system.
Automatic identification of profiles.
Easy programming with a mobile hand held unit.
Automatic system to pull the frame against the fence for centering.
Easy introduction of profiles through CAD-CAM system.
Memory capacity can be increased upto 400 different profiles.
Central lubrication system.
Specially coated rails to prevent oxidation.
Safety guards for saw blade protection.
  standard equipment  
  Saw blade, white and colored profile surface cleaning knives, inner and outer grooving knives and milling tools.
Hinge holes marking
Safety & instruction manual.
  optional equipment  
  Flat surfaced scarfing knives for top and bottom surface cleaning.
CK-172 frame rotating device for automatic turning of the corners after each cleaning.
Single line automation to synchronize with the 4 point welder.


Technical Data

American Units

Metric Units

Operating voltage

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase

220 V or 440 V
Three Phase


60 Hz

60 Hz

Total power

8 Hp

6 kW


32 or 16 Amp

32 or 16 Amp

Air pressure

90-120 psi

6-8 Bar

Air consumption

12.5 - 17.7 CFM

350 - 450 Lt/min

Machine length

76 inch

1910 mm

Machine width

36 inch

900 mm

Machine height

75 inch

1900 mm

Machine weight

1540 lb

700 kg

Max. Profile height

7.87 inch

200 mm

Max. Profile width

4.7 inch

120 mm

Min. Profile height 1.18 inch 30 mm
Min. Inner frame dimension 10.2 inch x 10.2 inch 260 mm x 260 mm
Max. Outer frame dimension-Automatic mode 90.6 x 90.6 inch 2300 x 2300 mm

Max. Outer frame dimension-Manual mode

no limit

no limit

Mill rotation speed

14000 rpm

14000 rpm

Max. Axial speed

132 feet/min

40 meter/min

Saw blade rotation speed 5200 rpm 5200 rpm
Saw blade dimensions 9.84 inch x 1.18 inch x 0.126 inch, z=80 250 mm x 30 mm x 3.2 mm, z=80
Capacity 250 - 300 squares/8 hour shift 250 - 300 squares/8 hour shift

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